Even though the progress of medical technology has managed to conquer many diseases, cancer is yet a disease said to divide fate.
It is true that today, half the national population develop cancer, and a third of males and a fourth of females died from cancer in Japan.
At the same time though, the treatment outcomes of cancer have been steadily rising as well. Cancer has changed from incurable to curable or living with or beyond cancer.
Patients are always interested in their health; what kind of disease they have, which treatment is the most suitable, how possible is recovery, which doctor at which hospital is the best, and so on, but such information is extremely difficult for patients to get hold of.
Today, there are medical articles in mass media such as newspapers and magazines. There are mountains of medical books in bookstores, and even more information can be found online.
It is a very difficult task for patients to find the correct bits out of this flood of information.